Spring 2020 Graphic Design Juried Student Show
20 x 35”

Digitally Printed + enhanced with an augmented reality app called Artivive.

See animated poster ︎︎︎
︎ 2021 Graphis Design Annual Silver Award
︎ UCDA Design Excellece Award

Spring 2019 Graphic Design Juried Student Show
12 x 24”

Silkscreen Printing + Digital Printing

︎ UCDA Excellence Award
︎ GDUSA InHouse Design Excellence Award
︎ 2020 Graphis Design Annual Merit Award

Spring 2018 Graphic Design Juried Student Show
14 x 25”

Silkscreen Printing + Digital Printing

︎ Published in the PRINT Regional Design Annual "The Best of Design" Book, Spring 2019
︎ Winner in the Creative Quarterly Journal #52, Graphic Design Category
︎ IDA International Design Awards Silver Medal
︎ Graphis Poster Design Annual 2019, Merit Award
︎ UCDA Design Competition, Excellence Award
︎ Communication Arts 2019 Typography Annual Shortlis

Every poster created is a limited edition piece advertising the Auburn University Graphic Design program to students, faculty, alumni, perspective students and the design community in and around Auburn, Alabama.